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Lake Lacar

Lago lacar

The Lácar is a lake of glacial origin in the Pacific slope of Argentina, located in the province of Neuquén and part of the upper basin of the river Valdivia Chile.

View Lake Lacar

Hill Chapelco


Center Chapelco winter activities 20 kilometers from San Martin de los Andes ideal for the practice of skiing and snowboarding with friends or family!

View Chapelco

Lanin Volcano

Volcan Lanin

Lanin Volcano (3,776 m) is located in the south west of the Province of Neuquén (39 S, 71 O), near Junin de los Andes, on the banks of the provincial route 60 which links Argentina with Chile

View Volcan Lanin

Viewpoint Bandurrias

Mirador San Martín de los Andes

The viewpoint becomes a rock of 800 meters. height from the top of which has a panoramic view of the city, the Vega Maipú, Lácar lake, from the hills Cte. Diaz

View Mirador Bandurrias

Beaches Catritre and Quila Quina

Playa San Martín de los Andes

On the lake Lacar, just few kilometers from the city center, are the beaches and Villa Quila Quina Catritre. Other side of the lake is Lacar, belonging to the Lanin National Park.

View Playa Catritre

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